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Today I was flicking through my bookshelf and found a copy of DANCE NATION which was on at the Almeida Theatre last year and I couldn't stop thinking about the last speech in it. It read

"For eleven years

... twelve years

.. thirteen years

I rode the wave -

For twenty years

.. twenty-one years

...twenty-five years

I rode the wave -

For the thirty years

... forty years

... fifty..

I rode the wave

Like I always knew how to ride the wave

And others kept falling along the way

But I kept riding

Til I was alone

... I was alone

... I was lone"

And, sitting here at my desk at 9.30pm on a Wednesday working I thought. Is this worth it? The long hours. The turning down invitations. The relationships where you behaved terribly because you'd rather be working. The partners who you lost interest in because you were absorbed in stories.

...Would you swap it for a different job and those memories you missed out on?

Maybe this is the price you pay for loving work.

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